Berman Contemporary

Johannesburg, Cnr Barry Hertzog Ave & Napier Rd Richmond

Berman Contemporary is rooted in the growing understanding of the cultural richness and diversity of South African contemporary art. The gallery’s collection centres on a vibrant group of artists living and working in South Africa.

Through studio visits, the gallery establishes connections to artists from all walks of life whose unique artistic processes celebrate their historical and cultural heritage and give voice to their complex societal realities, evoking an active and interpretative experience for the viewer.

Berman Contemporary was established to promote the work created by these local artists. The gallery further aims to establish a synergistic network between South African artists and their global contemporaries, many of whom evidently want to engage with the current South African art scene – not only as observers but as active analysts, experimenters and contributors within this context and with this specific audience in mind.

Candice Berman Gallery began in 2013 and has had a wildly successful run, representing over 30 artists both emerging and established. With the exhibitions, functions and all the daily framing and consulting with artists and investors, space seemed to be shrinking and Candice felt that a new fresh space was needed. Enter Berman Contemporary. BC opened in late 2017 and is situated in a very prestigious location in the heart of Sandton and operates differently to the Bryanston Gallery as it has more curated exhibitions that run for lengthier periods of time. Berman Contemporary stands as a separate entity for Candice and she has managed to create a slick, minimalist and contemporary space which endeavours to bring art and galleries back into the Sandton arena and uplift and represent the kaleidoscope of culture that is evident there.

Candice Berman (Owner and Founder), Jessica Michelle Le Roux (Gallery Manager),

Rand Steam
Cnr Barry Hertzog Ave & Napier Rd
Richmond, Johannesburg

T: +27 010 880 5240/5241
M: +27 84 843 8302