Mashumi Art Projects

Soweto, 6979 Vilakazi Street

Mashumi Art Projects Pty Ltd is committed to enabling artists to indulge in an oasis of self-generated concepts that open windows towards mindscapes that are virtually landmarks within the artist’s journey. The trip taken by the beholders mind assumes a pressure and yet active role within interrogative process of unbuttoning the artists journey. This is the philosophy underpinning the Mashumi Art Projects Pty (Ltd).

The overarching premise is for the artist to walk the walk and in the ensuing process talk the talk to spark dialogue. The niche of the expression is engineered by the artist and the journey beckons the viewer to walk with the artist on his/her spiritual path.

The aim of Mashumi Art Projects is to develop up and coming artists in Soweto, by exposing them to the broad field of art. We also aim to educate our artists and promote them to the world stage. That is why we are based at the world famous Vilakazi Street in Orlando West Soweto, known for its daily influx of international tourists. The project is based at Nex Dor restaurant, a stone throw away from Mandela House. The artists work will be exhibited at the restaurant for the visiting tourists and locals alike to enjoy and if they like, purchase a piece or 2. We are trying to introduce our artists to a whole new market, at the same time the artist will be an ambassador for the country in the way they depict the events, artworks and photographs they produce because they will be a representation of South Africa.

Zanele Mashumi

Nex Dor Restaurant
6979 Vilakazi Street
Orlando West