Underculture Contemporary

Port Elizabeth, 98A, Park Drive Central

Underculture Contemporary is a fine arts gallery based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The art gallery, which caters for a discerning and culturally aware urban audience, has two pivotal goals. Firstly, it aims to promote and offer quality contemporary fine arts from selected emergent artists in the greater Nelson Mandela Bay metro and Eastern Cape. Secondly, it acts as a reputable and trustworthy platform for the development and promotion of promising local career artists. Importantly, Underculture Contemporary is committed to a single overriding idea: that every single exhibit, and every single artist, represents something powerful, new, challenging, relevant, captivating and fresh.

Cedric Vanderlinden (Director), Alison Shaw (Manager)

98A Park Drive
Port Elizabeth

T: +27 (0)41 373 0074
M: +27 (0)82 887 1612

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