A4‭ ‬Arts Foundation

Cape Town, A4‭ ‬Arts Foundation ​ 23‭ ‬Buitenkant Street‭, District Six, Cape Town South Africa 8001

A4 ARTS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the arts in Southern Africa. We understand the arts as a reciprocal resource, a catalyst for innovation, and a medium of collectivity.

A4 is focused towards practitioners and seeks to accommodate and share exploratory creative processes. We understand the space of A4 as a peopled place - embedded and adaptable, grounded and fluid - and see ourselves as a part of and participants within a complex ecosystem.

A4 emerged from a desire to provide nuanced interaction with the arts in Southern Africa - aiming to connect to people, ideas and practices at both a local and international level. Recognising and engaging the various economies that comprise cultural practice in Southern Africa, we're working towards new forms of exchange amongst practitioners, publics, intermediaries, and patrons.

A4 is based at 23 Buitenkant Street in District Six, Cape Town. The premises encompass a gallery or project space, a multimedia library, and an archive - as well as private studio and workshop spaces. The building is designed to facilitate engagement with and within the arts, to support open education, experimentation, collaboration and conversation.

A4 funded by Wendy Fisher through the Kirsh Family Foundation.

23‭ ‬Buitenkant Street‭,
District Six,
Cape Town
South Africa