Johannesburg, Newtown Junction

Bubblegum Club is a cultural intelligence agency, founded by Lex Trickett and Jamal Nxedlana. We work to help brands and organizations understand and engage with contemporary South African youth culture. Along with identifying trends, we take the holistic approach of interpreting and explaining them. Through conceptualizing the broader social context of trends, our projects and activations help our clients to organically access youth culture.

Our Project Space opened on the 25th of November 2015 and is situated in the Workshop Newtown, an innovative retail development housed in the Newtown Junction. Based on our prior experience with curating events and exhibitions, the space will host a variety of activations throughout 2016. The project space exists as a microcosm of youth cultural production, in which we will partner with a diverse range of the country’s most influential young creatives to make works spanning across a number of disciplines. The project space will allow us to practically realize and expand our conceptual work in exciting new directions.

Jamal Nxedlana , Lex Trickett,

New Town Junction
Lilion Ngoyi St
Johannesburg, 2000

Jamal Nxedlana
Founder/Creative Director/Editor
E: jamal@bubblegumclub.co.za
Lex Trickett
Founder/Design Director
E: lex@bubblegumclub.co.za