Dead Revolutionaries Club


The Dead Revolutionaries Club came about through a long process that we do not have the time, money and energy to bore you with except to say we were tired of seeing the same ol’ dry uninteresting art writing, the same ol’ usual suspects, the same ol’ boring perspectives and especially the lack of criticality in the South African art scene. You may wonder why Dead Revolutionaries? Somehow revolutionaries, just like artists, gain star-like status once they are dead and so we pay tribute to dead revolutionaries who continue to inspire us to be troublemakers. But dead revolutionaries are just that – dead – and our futures can only be changed by what we do ourselves and not what we wear on our T-shirts. So we decided to not only look back, but also look ahead, to each other and to ourselves to make a difference, to create, to fight, to poke fun at, to rip off and to challenge.

Khwezi Gule, Sharlene Khan, Bandile Gumbi, Fouad Asfour

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