guerilla gallery

Cape Town, 10 Voortrekker Road, Salt River, Cape Town

guerilla gallery (b. 2012) is an artist-run platform that operates nomadically, largely in public space. It eschews physical premises to re-imagine what already exists. The platform works collaboratively with artists to facilitate and help curate site-specific interventions, encouraging experimental formats and seeking new publics.

Past projects have included a collaborative call-and-response exhibition in a disused factory wing to engage with issues around art, law, and the media (Appeal 2012); an endurance performance lullaby sung from stormwater tunnels dealing with issues around the land (Cape Town Under: The Third Voice), a street corner mural making a commentary on Johannesburg's history through it urban fabric (Golden City Plan), and a performative intervention at road underpasses and overpasses to comment on communication glitches (Cloud Series). Its latest project is an artist book that doubles as an experimental funding mechanism (Running a Book). The platform is small-scale, low-fi, and currently manifesting on a biennial basis.

Kim Gurney

10 SideTrack Studios,
Voortrekker Road,
Salt River,
Cape Town

PostNet Suite #202
Private Bag X18
Rondebosch 7701
Western Cape

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