Modern Art Project (Map)


The multifaceted Modern art project (Map) originated in 2005 from the impulse to combine the works of established and emerging artists and to show such works in unexpected spaces outside the traditional gallery context.
The Modern art project is typical of the new empathetic economy and the destruction of the division between high and low culture. The art work, in line with present international art movements, is taken from the white cube gallery for more democratic dispersement, and brought back to the white cube for documentation and integration.

Modern Art Projects (Map) is a series of Site-Specific art events, collaborations and exhibitions. The Map venues - restaurants, galleries, hotel rooms - inform each other and comprise a network that is not organised around any particular hierarchy of space or aesthetic response. The works installed or exhibited in these spaces are mindful of their strangeness as venues for art but do not necessarily comment upon or seek to transfigure them. Map springs from a passion for art and its multifarious way of representing the world, of giving expression to emotion, intellect and social formations.

- Map Cullinan
- Map Dullstroom
- Map Graskop
- Map Richmond

Harrie Siertsema, Abrie Fourie

PO Box 39

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