North-West University (NWU) Gallery

Potchefstroom, Hoffman Street

The North-West University (NWU) Gallery consists of two separate functioning art galleries. The main gallery, also known as the NWU Gallery, is situated next to the Ferdinand Postma Library on the Potchefstroom campus. This gallery has exhibited various South African and international artists, including Rosemary Marriot, Angus Taylor, Sam Nhlengethwa, Wilma Cruise, Michael MacGarry, and Nandipha Mntambo, Daniel Naudé, Roger Ballen, Hanneke Benadé, Jacki McInnes and Paul Boulitreau. The second gallery, known as the NWU Botanical Garden Art Gallery, presents a platform where up-and-coming and local artists are given the opportunity to exhibit within a professional gallery environment.

Since 2010 the NWU Gallery has formed part of PUK Arts, the arts administration department of the Potchefstroom campus. PUK Arts strives towards innovation through the arts for diverse cultures. The main mission of the NWU Gallery is to provide a platform where students are exposed to the visual arts within the South African context, while playing an active role in stimulating visual culture in the Northwest Province through exposing the public to South African and international art.

Christina Naurattel (curator), Elzandré Ayres van der Walt (gallery assistant - NWU Gallery), Amanda Plaatjie (gallery assistant - NWU Botanitcal Garden Gallery).

NWU Gallery
Potchefstroom Campus
Building E7, Hoffman Street
South Africa

Internal box 71
Private bag 6001

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