Silvertone International

Johannesburg, No. 5, Saint Andrews Road, Parktown,

Silvertone International was established in 2001 by Dennis da Silva mainly for B/W Darkroom printing. He soon realized that the demand for Digital Fine Art was too big to ignore and Andreas Kahlau joined him in 2002 with a clear vision to offer an unprecedented level of service and quality of work to the digital creative industry.
Now a few years on, the scope of work and expertise has broadened to meet a growing demand for printed limited edition artwork, large-scale prints, scanning, book reproduction, and art reproduction. While Dennis remained focused on wet chemical printing and processing, Andreas with his German training and background built up the digital side. In 2013 Andreas took over from Dennis completely.
Silvertone has printed work for numerous exhibitions, as well as limited edition prints for many local and internationally renowned artists and photographers.

Andreas Kahlau, Elizabeth Olivier Kahlau

No. 5, Saint Andrews Road
South Africa

T: +27 (0)11 482 7413
T: +27 (0)82 411 7929