Spaza Art Gallery

Johannesburg, 19 Wilhemina Street, Troyeville

The Spaza Art Gallery was established in Troyeville in 2001. Spaza Art Gallery is a non-profit organisation with a vision of providing a showcase for artists of all types from all over South Africa and aims to be a community-based facility. The Gallery acts as a venue for a wide range of activities including exhibitions, poetry readings, music, workshops, theatre and comedy. The Organisation has also been responsible for the realisation of a variety of public art projects across Johannesburg and aim. It tries to be a community-based facility. Spaza Art Gallery has held exhibitions of works by artists from almost every province of South Africa. These works have ranged from small naive paintings to major sculptures, and the exhibitions were usually accompanied by music, dance and poetry by members of the community.

Andrew Lindsay

19 Wilhemina Street

T: 0824943275
instagram: spazaart

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