The Keiskamma Art Project

Eastern Cape, Hamburg,

The Keiskamma Trust is a community organisation, centred in Hamburg, a rural area of the Eastern Cape, which works to foster hope and offer support for the most vulnerable. The Keiskamma Trust strives to address the challenges of widespread poverty and disease through holistic and creative programmes and partnerships.

The Trust has developed five studios specialising in beading, felt-making, embroidery, ceramics and printmaking. Today the project is run under the leadership of twelve local managers and group leaders. Assisting and training the managers and leaders is Florence Danais, Art History Lecturer and graduate in Arts and Culture Management. Together they work with 130 artists and crafters to create quality art and craft works, generating much-needed income to improve the quality of life in Hamburg and its surroundings.

Carol Hofmeyr, Annette Woudstra, Eunice Mangwane, Noluvo Xhotyeni

Hamburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa

PO Box 483, Peddie, 5640

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