The Workstation @ Carfax

Johannesburg, Carfax Gwigwi Mrwebi Street Newtown Johannesburg

Carfax has, for the past 21 years, been a cultural destination for many artists from the different creative disciplines. There has always been an attached workstation where the select few actually work from as their creative suits. After a former tenant, City Varsity, moved to their owned premises in Braamfontein, we have taken our building back to renovate and re-open as it’s original mission statement, i.e. a Cultural hub for proactive individuals and a state of the Art Venue as a platform for their disciplines to be viewed and experienced in the public format.

The 2015 renovations have taken exhibition and foot traffic to a whole new level. We created a staircase from the railway siding, which takes you directly through the Carfax venue into the studio passages. The separation with glass is a metaphor for transparency and invitation. There is a genuine sense of ‘togetherness’ from this architectural feature. The short term future plan is to build a rooftop restaurant/ cocktail deck on the other side of the premises. Access here will be from the railway siding, through the Workstation passages and larger communal areas, out onto the balcony and deck. These areas become exhibition/ gallery spaces where cool, creative and like minded people have access to purchasing Artworks through the Carfax Gallery at heavily reduced agency prices.

Gwigwi Mrwebi Street