Vaal University of Technology Fine Arts

Vanderbijlpark, Andries Potgieter Blvd

The Fine Art course at the Vaal University of Technology will equip the graduate to operate as a practising professional artist and craftsperson in the national and international arenas. Given the diversity of academic and technical skills the graduate will have, he/she would be able to make an academic and economic contribution to the arts. The graduate will also be equipped to operate as an entrepreneur and set up his/her own workshop or studio, and negotiate the art world effectively. The graduate would be able to find employment in the art industries, for example in educational institutions, museums, art galleries, publishing houses, ceramic industries, advertising agencies, film companies and TV production houses, working in conjunction with architects in the decoration of buildings (mosaics, murals) or doing commissioned works such as portrait paintings, drawings or monuments.

Anita Steenkamp (Act Head of School), Mashaole Makwela

Andries Potgieter Blvd
South Africa

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