Xanthe’ Jackson Art Studio

Durban, 88 JB Marks Road, Glenwood, Durban, 4001

Specializes in Multidisciplinary Fine Art Practice

Xanthe’ Jackson is an award-winning Durban-based Contemporary Abstract Artist. Her visual interests are invested in texture & exploring the limitations of mediums, resulting in large complex abstract works building depth through line, shape, and colour. Xanthe’s artwork uses multiple mediums and forms of art practice. Her works are often distinguishable by her meticulous attention to detail, refine line, and movement.

Xanthe’ Jackson Art Studio otherwise known as THE STUDIO is the home base for the independent artist who offers client commissions, creative and interior consulting, as well as private multidisciplinary art classes tailored to the client both in traditional and contemporary practice.

Xanthe’ Jackson

88 JB Marks Road
South Africa

Xanthe’ Jackson
Email: xanthe.jackson@gmail.com
Tel.: + 27 71 429 0066
Instagram: xanthejackson_art
Facebook: @xanthejacksonart

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